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         English and Self-Worthiness

                     Wanna learn English AND get cultural? 

(Good! I got your back here...)

I have been  a passionate English Personal Trainer for any kind of publics with any kind of purposes for years, and let me tell you something that you did not suspect at all when visiting my site today: the girl is also an ARTISt , yeahhhhh!!

A theatre and cinema absolute lover and for-ever-learning fan, and.... yes, you name it : a DANCER (shush: we're getting personal here...but it's just to tell you that I'm a MUSIC great listener too).

If you allow me, I will take you on unusual paths to the process of Learning English.

Cinema lovers?

I will take you on a journey to learning the language and the story of the main actors, or the making-up of the film, along with "at that time details" that will make you appreciate the art even more.

Series addicts? 

I have also planned for you a special learning process via speed-up thematic vocabulary spread sheets, that you will be able to visualise first and foremost before watching your selected series.

I have made sure to include an easy-to-get quick lesson at the end of each thematic sheet that you will then be able to refer to on a further one to one class together.

Please see my offer: Series Addicts English Learners.

Music and Musicals

Now, we're on board for an infinite English Learning experience. From the Beattles  to Mickael Jackson, the Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Madonna (yes she's in), Britney (nowww, why not?), I will always make sure that we find the perfect fit to your current Learning Experience.

On your request, we will start the day and the lesson on a vibrating musical experience, and a dive into the lyrics so that you put some meaning on the na na na na na, that's going on in your head. Learning the lyrics also is a great mean to internationally connect and open.


Ah...there we are: my favorites!

I will provide you with a deeper understanding of the language and the ability to draw links between what is actually sung and the movie trail.

You see that is what we're missing when we translate a movie from English to another language: the songs remain in English and they add value to the general meaning of the film that we miss out if we don't get them.

That will be a feeling of the past pretty soon for you!