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         English and Self-Worthiness


First of all, I'm not a great fan of the "talking about me" part.
(Really? Will a picture of me fancy dancing will help you choose? Because that is the most definite Me I know...)

Yet, I love sharing with you guys. So here is my quick story.

I was born in France at that time when .... whatever.

All you need to know so far is that I am a powerful Believer, Motivator, Never Giving-up ...Lady (because yes, BTW, I am a lady).

My biggest aim when I teach you English is to make sure it comes along with the inevitable package of Great Self-Worthiness that goes with re-discovering your ability to learn and acquire new language.

I have been training all kinds of learners for not less than 19 years now : Companies' CEO, Grandes Ecoles de Commerce, High schools students, Kiddos, Associations learners, Actively Retiring people, Job seekers, and I have enjoyed every minute of it. 

I did graduate in Law (Business Law), Teaching English to Adults (Cambridge University), Coaching (Erickson Coaching International, Vancouver)

There is nothing we can't achieve together. 
(Yes, we can, gorgeous Obama)