Lilia Urban Coaching Online

         English and Self-Worthiness

Think and Dream in English after 1 week: That's possible!

All my learners do: I promise!

So what is my method?

- I only speak to you in English even if I know your language.

- I engage you only with typical and current Anglo-saxon idioms whether they are British, American, Canadian or Australian.

- I am trained to make whatever I say to you understandable and accessible even if you might feel doubtful about your own capacity.

 I immerse you completely in the language with a progressive and validating learning scheme.

What are my results?

Well, first, you can see by yourself in my feedback section.

But most of all, I guarantee to you that you will:

- find that sparkle that will make you fall in love (again) with the English language

- feel free to express yourself with a clear sense of learning (and not making mistakes)

- become fully autonomous in English whatever, and wherever.

If you are looking for a specific PROFESSIONAL super- fast ability to communicate...

- you will get away with a solid variety of topics to discuss whether we are talking small talks international chit chats, or get-down-to-business skills (negotiating, selling, marketing, communication, fashion, tourism, transport, nursing, chairing a meeting, managing a web conference, you name it)

- a sense of comfort when exchanging on a known or unknown subjects

- an ability to entertain, maintain strong cultural relationships, and even train your customers or co-workers in English

If you are aiming international and national tests 

you will get away with a super-intense yet highly sortable training that will provide you with:

° a how-to-pass-a-test orientated method and practical trainings

° a rich range of vocabulary and idioms

° an ability to manage a specific accent

And great results! I have never failed my learners on any tests and they always come up with amazing results, and a strong sense of self-confidence.